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I began to create videos and post them on Youtube several years ago because I had been sicker much more frequently than I had previously – as frequently as only 4 months apart. I found that a lot of people, even those closest to me, still didn’t understand what daily life with CF – home and in the hospital – was like.

I admit that it’s scary putting yourself out there, especially when you’re sharing yourself at your most vulnerable. It’s also scary admitting to others how much CF has affected me. I don’t want people to pity me, but I do want them to know my reality.

CF isn’t pretty, and I felt that I had a responsibility to myself, my husband, and the CF community to expose the terrible secrets this disease keeps – the often quiet progression of lung disease, the sometimes invisible effects of GI disease, and the fact that I wasn’t doing as well as many people had thought.

There is a huge need for funding further research to treat Cystic Fibrosis. We often use the phrase, “CURE CF,” but curing a disease that effects every single cell in the body is not easy. It’s with this knowledge that opened up my life to the world in the quest for CF Awareness.

Please visit my Youtube page for videos on my channels, Living With CF and ToniV in the Hospital.

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2 thoughts on “Videos

    • Thank you so much! It took a lot for me to “come out” in such a public way. People knew I had CF, but they didn’t know much about it. I try to explain things in a more relaxed way so that it’s easier to understand. Thanks again for visiting!!

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