Let Freedom Ring. Just don’t let it be my cell phone.

I am pretty sure that people think that I am exaggerating when I tell them the number of unique phone numbers that have “Spam called me”.

This list includes – but is by no means exclusive – several hundred phone numbers that have called me with the intent to somehow scam me.

All of the calls in someway violate of the national do not call list.

  • Robo calls
  • Microsoft “technical support” call
  • “The FBI warning” for senior citizens
  • “You have won” call that offers somethig for “free” in exchange for a fee
  • Rachel from “Cardholder Services”
  • IRS warning
  • “_________” Association would like you to repeat last year’s donation (that you know you A. Never heard of the organization and B. Know you didn’t give $1000 to anyone
  • Calling back after I’ve asked them not to call back

I could go on and on. Honestly, they become such a nuisance to me because now, I usually only use my cell phone, and a lot of people who do call me use “anonymous” because they are doctors returning phone calls. So it is actually possible to recive a call from several states away that is legitemate.

I could easily hang up on any of these phone calls. Even when they happen hour after hour and day after day. I can block them on my iPhone, which I have. I actually save them as an existing contact with the name Spam and a specific ring so that I know it’s one of these spam phone numbers calling me so that I don’t have to answer it.

I think it’s important to realize that these telemarketing banks share these phone numbers – many of which are spoofed and don’t actually exist or otherwise belong to real people or businesses. So you might receive a call from an Oregon number one day speaking to a “Microsoft technician” and the following week receive a phone call hawking you a “Free cruise” using the same exact phone number.

I signed up for the “do not call” list about 20 times. I’ve written, emailed, and called my local representatives and even wrote a letter to the state attorney general. I’ve sent reports to the FTC as suggested online. I’ve done everything possible to make this  stop.
Sometimes it’s beyond a nuisance. As a person with a chronic illness, I may not sleep well at night and often have to fall sleep during the day to at least try to gain back some of my lost sleep. As a result, getting four or five phone calls in the matter of an hour makes it very difficult for me to rest if I need to.

When I was still using my landline, I’d get calls from the landline and on my cell phone from the same scammers. I never understood how/why… I remember once I thought to myself… I just spoke to someone from the same exact number saying the same exact spiel not 45 minutes ago.
And getting away it’s not as easy as simply hanging up. I once hung up on a guy, one of these Microsoft support Scammers, and he called me back and left a scathing disgusting horribly nasty voicemail that made me, as a woman, feel uncomfortable and dirty. I mean, if this guy was local and I knew though he was, I could’ve had the police charge him with harassment.
Now, I will admit that I have done a few things to waste their time. After all, sometimes all I have is time. I’m not really going to divulge the things that I might say to keep them online and waste their time. But I figure what more can they do to me than they already are? I have hundreds of spam numbers saved in my contact list, and it doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to end.

Whether I am nice, and say no thank you, or if I asked to be taken off their list, or if I get angry, or if I waste time, it all lands me in the same spot… Back on their damn robo list of who to call back again.

On those days when it seems like the calls don’t stop, I feel so violated. Yes I could let everything go to voicemail but that’s not the way I want to act. I don’t talk to a lot of people on the phone so when my phone does ring it’s usually a member of my family and God forbid if something happened that they needed me for… I’d feel horrible if they got voicemail when they really needed me.

Sometimes I wonder if the point is just general sabotage to people? Really, do these places really think that these calls are going to make them rich? Just like these people that send out millions of spam email a day. Do they really think that an email titled “penis enlargement” or “your Russian wife has been found, meet her now!!” somehow will make them money?

Color me confused. Even looking through my pink hued glasses, I still don’t get it and I guess I never will.

If, as Kramer from Seinfeld said in rpisode, that someday will be able to call people in our brains and talk to them “like that”, the scammers will probably find a way to get into there too. And then I’d be hearing voices left and right and saying oh my God I am not alone. I don’t want to end up like Sybil!!
Please, somebody, please do something about these phone calls. I can change my number and then have to tell everybody I know and wait until they just catch that new number. Or worse, think that I’m someone else and continue to call me…

And of course, I have both things happening. Ever since I moved back to Connecticut 10 years ago, I received phone calls for two different dudes, one main Ramon and the other named Serge. For about the first six years, I got calls several times a week, and I had to use my high school Spanish to try to explain to the women calling that “they don’t have these numbers anymore and that no, I am not their new wife or girlfriend”. And “no I don’t know if they’re in jail or if they moved back home”.

Then, there’s a dude (named David K) in my state who has the same phone number I do except for the area code. So either he’s giving out my area code to keep these dogs off his scent, or the idiot companies themselves are thinking “hmm this state only has two area codes and 999 is the larger one so it must be this one.”

They picked mine. Of course.


What are your thoughts?

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