Pets – They listen to us. They keep secrets. They love unconditionally. They keep us company. They’re also very healing.

When I don’t feel well, or am upset, I can be sure that at least one of my kitties will pop up and poke a little paw at me, as if to ask, “you okay, mama?” Many times while doing my Vest therapy, one of them will sit across my lap, next to my side, or somehow “stuck” to me, while the machine vibrates and hums for an hour.

Milo cuddling up to my neck, against my back, while I do a Vest session.

Milo cuddling up to my neck, against my back, while I do a Vest session.

Other times, when I have belly pain and am laying on the couch with the heating pad, they’ll curl up into a little ball, rest against my belly, and purr. Sometimes, both of them will jockey for the best position, cuddling up to me as closely as possible.

The kitties sharing their healing purrs and cuddles while I rest.

The kitties sharing their healing purrs and cuddles while I rest.

They do it to Ken, too. He might be tired or frustrated, or completely stressed out while trying to focus on something important. At least one, or both, of the cats will jump up on the desk where his computer sits, and meow at him, asking to sit on his lap, lay on the desk next to him, and even rest their purry little faces on his arm as he works.

Milo helping Ken work from home.

Milo helping Ken work from home.

It’s not a bad way to see life – the perspective of a kitty. My little girl kitty, Molly, who appears in the static photo at the top of my blog, is an 8-pound ball of enthusiasm. You can tell when she’s really curious, because she cocks her head ever so slightly to one side, body alert and unmoving, eyes big, round, and excited.

I can hear the music that I imagine plays in her fluffy little head – the Hamster Dance song.

We joke that she’s a little ditzy. She’s silly, vocal, and loves pink things. She really does love pink. When given a choice among all things equal, she’ll choose the pink item.

One day a few summers ago, we had the cats on the patio. They like hanging out with us, when Ken is working on the pool or the yard, or when I’m weeding (it’s so cathartic!). Milo (our boy kitty) likes to lounge on the picnic table, but Molly likes to either lay on the flat rocks near the pool, or sometimes in a patio chair.

IMG_3314 - Version 2

Ken had just set out the chairs for the summer – two of them are vinyl adirondack chairs – one green, one pink. After chasing a leaf around for a while, she decided to sun herself. She walked up to the two chairs, looked at them, and chose the pink one. Since then, we’ve witnessed her color preference frequently.


She played with the pink toy instead of the blue one.
She lay on a pink blanket instead of the red one.
She curled up on my freshly laundered clothes, a pink hoodie instead of a blue one.

I sometimes feel like Molly is the cat version of me – a little silly, a whole lot girly, and just really interested in the world around her.

Molly, I’d say, definitely sees things as I do – through Pink-colored glasses. She’s the feline epitome of TheraPink. She is TheraKitty.


What are your thoughts?

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