And After the Rain, Sun-filled Adventures

I’m still sick – it’s been about 2 1/2 months now, and am nearing the time when we need to decide as to whether we need to escalate or not. Like the saying goes, “April showers” and all that jazz… I guess I’m in a “rainy” phase, and I’m very much looking forward to sunnier adventures.

I made a list of things I’d like to do this summer – some things to think about when I’m in pain or feeling weak, something to smile about when I’m feeling low, and something that will build memories and moments with those I love.

So now, as I sit here on my third hour of Airway Clearance today, I have compiled this list, as emotional inspiration and motivation to get better.


  • Plant an Herb Garden. It won’t be big; it will just be some of the stuff we like. I have a black thumb, which means most stuff I try to grow dies on me. But this might be different…I hope!! I love cooking with fresh vegetables and herbs, especially my homemade tomato sauce!

    Fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh oregano...

    Fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh oregano…

  • Fundraising! My husband plays competitive darts and he is running the second annual Darts For Cystic Fibrosis competition fundraiser. The actual event falls over the weekend in mid-May. (This means that if I have to go into the hospital, I need to make sure I am out in time for this!).
  • Opening the pool!! Last summer was a dud, considering temperatures never once rose about 93 degrees, the many days in the 70s and cold evenings that made the pool water relatively freezing, along with two separate week-long hospitalizations, separated by 4 days and for 2 different health crises. I use my pool as a place to exercise (it’s gentler on my body) and to cool off (CF patients often lose too much salt in their sweat, so it’s easy to get heat exhaustion/heat stroke). Otherwise, going outside in the summer is really difficult.

    This duck tells us when the water is the perfect temperature!

    This duck tells us when the water is the perfect temperature!


  • The Gala. This is a biggie. My college is holding a 50-Year Gala celebrating the Student Center – bringing together everyone who worked on campus activities such as the newspaper (me), campus programming, Student Government, etc. This the place where I blossomed academically, socially, and professionally, during a time when I felt my most creative, energetic and looking forward to where life would take me next. I can’t miss it. I just can’t. I will get to see so many of my old friends, some who I haven’t seen since college 20 years ago.

    Dress shopping - an added bonus of having a swanky event to attend!

    Dress shopping – an added bonus of having a swanky event to attend!


  • Beach Birthday. Last  year, we held a birthday celebration for my niece on the beach. My sisters and I LOVE the beach, and it was perhaps one of the very best days the three of us (and their families) had spent together in EONS. We hope to do it again this summer.

    Sisters at the beach

    Sisters at the beach

  • A Wedding! One of my very best guy friends in the world is getting married. (To the sweetest girl I think I’ve EVER met), and I am so happy to share in their special day. I am pretty excited for them both, and to celebrate with some of our close-knit group.


  • Balloons! The Plainville Hot Air Balloon Show. I’ve always wanted to go to this. I have never ridden in a balloon but there’s a first time for everything, right? Plus, it seems like a great photography excursion. I am hoping that the stars align and that A. It’s great weather and B. I’m healthy enough to go.


  • Walks along the local trails. Our city and the surrounding towns has a really nice trail system. They’re well shaded and perfect for those warm Saturdays when the air is clean and the skies are clear.
View from the Red Bridge along the trail.

View from the Red Bridge along the trail

  • Grilling!! We love cooking outside and eating in the fresh air.
  • Clamming! A new experience that I hope to have this summer. Ken’s buddies go to RI in the summer in search of clams and I wanted to tag along both to see what it’s like, and to find another excuse to go to the beach. Plus, I imagine that I could find some amazing shells up there.



I collect sea shells. I thought  I’d mention it here since maybe some people will see it – if you’re ever at the beach, especially one along bigger open waters or foreign shores, and you find an interesting shell that you don’t fancy keeping, please keep me in mind. I love the ocean and shells remind me of that happy place. I already have a few vases full of shells I’ve collected. I would love more. I have very special plans for my sea shells, that I can’t disclose at the moment.


Well, that’s my hope for summer. Obviously, it’s always my health that dictates what I’ll be able to do, but I am tying out this new thing called “fortitude” – I’m setting personal goals and then (trying) to do everything I can to reach those goals. I find that I am more positive and motivated when I have something to look forward to, and this list is full of fun things!!

I’d love to hear about any plans you are making, or things you hope to do.


What are your thoughts?

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