CF SUCKS!! Update

Just a quick update. CF has really been beating me up lately.

I developed a sinus infection about six weeks ago. I culture Pseudomonas Aeriginosa and MRSA bugs in my sinuses as well as my lungs. I tried to manage it but the infections started causing symptoms in my lungs, so my doctors put me on oral antibiotics about 3 weeks ago. The medications didn’t work well enough, so we addressed it yesterday at my CF Clinic for Pulmonary Function Tests and checkup.

My lung function is down by about 20%, so I am back on oral antibiotics and will also begin using an Antibiotic rinse for my sinuses (gross, but effective). The appointment ran several hours, and I have to return in 2 weeks for a repeat lung function test. You’d think they’d get tired of seeing me, no? 😉

Patiently waiting to see my doctor.

Patiently waiting to see my doctor.

In addition, I have to see my ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat doctor) tomorrow morning to make sure that there isn’t more going on. What a huge pain!! I wish I didn’t have issues driving, but some of my medications make me drowsy, and I don’t always have the option to not take them. But we do do what we have to do. We find a way.

I pray that this plan works because it’s only been 3 months since I was last on IV antibiotics. So I’m doubling my usual Vest (airway clearance therapy) and doing everything else I can to increase my chances of avoiding more intensive intervention.

Just another valley in this bumpy road. CF SUCKS!!


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