With a Little Help

It’s so important to have the right support when you have a chronic illness. Sometimes, I just don’t want to do the things that I need to do to maintain my health or during an exacerbation, such as airway clearance for hours a day, nebulizer treatments (two meds new to my regimen), inhaling antibiotics, or getting all my meds in at the right time.

It’s always easier if you have a friend or buddy to keep you company. Of course, my cats always “help” when it’s time to rest.

Milo and Molly showing me how to properly rest.

Milo and Molly showing me how to properly rest. (Sorry I am not smiling.)

In addition, my cat Milo LOVES Vest time. He’ll arrive from wherever he was sleeping/playing/hunting/eating, to the living room, when he hears me turn on the machine.

A moment between kitty and his mama, during Vest time.

A moment between kitty and his mama, during Vest time.

Since each session is an hour, I need something or someone to keep me going. Sometimes, there’s just nothing to watch on television, and it’s not easy to read while “shaking” on the Vest*.

I am so lucky that my kitties are such important players in my care. It’s always important to have a support network, and the only thing they expect in return is constant affection, lots of both playtime and rest time, someone to cuddle with, many warm places to lay…What they do is really such sacrifice for my comfort!!

I have friends – other CF patients – with their own “Treatment Buddies”. I would love to read about them or see photos of your buddies in action!

*For more information about my therapy using the SmartVest, created by Electromed, please check out the video on the post Video Update on My Health.


3 thoughts on “With a Little Help

  1. cR says:

    Your kitties are wonderful! And you are giving them a wonderful life, Toni. Our kitty brings us so much joy. All five of us are equally besotted with the little princess. I like both photos.

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