Two Steps Forward!

I just wanted to update everyone and let you know that I got my PICC line pulled and finished my IV antibiotics. It felt so good to shower without a plastic bag taped around my arm (I can’t get my PICC line wet) and to sleep without having tubes tangling up in the sheets.

Today my hubby took me out to breakfast at our favorite place.



Since the antibiotics really mess up my belly, I could only make it through 1 1/2 pancakes, but it felt so good to be out (in the snow flurries!) and amongst people for the first time in weeks.

After breakfast, we were supposed to run errands, but even Ken noticed I looked tired. Have to regain some strength! Although I am feeling better from the infections, my body is lagging behind and my lungs are trying to get rid of all the inflammation. So I’m taking baby steps.

Honestly, though, I wish I had some local friends to hang out with and play a game of Scrabble or watch a movie. Since I’m not infusing, I have some time back but because I’m still pretty worn out, my brain is going in circles. I would say that’s

I guess being bored is better than being overwhelmed with medication schedules, so I’ll take it!


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