A Day at the Beach

A week after I got out of my second hospitalization in two weeks, and my fourth in 12 months, we celebrated my niece’s 19th birthday at the beach. The day was amazing, and exactly what I needed to begin recovering.

The waves were amazing!!

Huge waves at Hammonassett Beach, Madison, CT.

Huge waves at Hammonassett Beach, Madison, CT

I can’t believe how much my nephews have grown up. They are young men now!

The boys, showing off their muscles.

The boys, showing off their muscles.


My nieces, cousins separated by 9 years but as close as sisters could be…

Our sweet young ladies...

Our sweet young ladies…


And me with my sisters!! Yes, I’m a bit pale here. I swear, I can get tan!!

Sisters! You can tell who spent most of the past month sick and inside.



The beach is my favorite place in the entire world. It doesn’t hurt that the salt air is great for my lungs! One day, we’ll have a little cottage close to the water, where I can see, hear, and feel the sand between my toes and soak in the sun and the ocean waves.

This is a day that I will never forget. So much fun, I didn’t want the day to be over.


2 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach

    • Of course, even though we don’t live too far away, we only go like once a year. In high school, we went all the time, especially because then, we were mere maybe 10 minutes from the beach. The beach is like heaven to me. My biggest wish in the world is to live on the ocean. Maybe some day, and then you can visit and we’ll count sitting on the porch drinking iced tea as our “treatment” – you know, all that salt air!!!

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