Bullying Awareness Week: I was Bullied

I originally posted this on March 13, 2013, but I have updated it a bit in honor of Bullying Awareness Week, November 17 – 23, 2013.


Human beings have always always needed leaders. Someone had to organize the fire brigade when the log cabin began burning down, right? The roots of competition, or as Darwin puts it – the “survival of the fittest”,  began long before modern man, and was already developing back in ancient times. Think about it. Who would win the race run when a Saber-Toothed-Tiger was chasing two men: the faster and more clever one, or the one with a bum leg and poor eyesight who didn’t see the hidden cave to the left?

We need to be aware of others’ strengths and weaknesses, because they help us in every aspect of life. The problem happens when those with perceived supremacy try to hold back or harm someone.

I found a well-written definition on the Australian Government’s page, “The Line,” which provides resources and information on dealing with difficulties personal relationships.

Bullying is a form of abuse, and is intentional, repeated intimidating behaviour (sic) by an individual or group that causes distress, hurt or undue pressure. In most cases there is a power play within the bullying, with the target been seen as weaker than the perpetrator(s). Continue reading