A Challenge – Opening Your Heart

I was surfing on Facebook and found myself thinking, why is so-and-so friends with me? What is it that they like or find appealing? I then turned that around, and thought, why do I like the people I call my friends?

So I set a goal to let those in my life know why I choose to have them in my life. While some reasons may seem obvious – blood relation, years of attending the same school or working together – it’s more about the personal connections that draw and keep us close to other people. In other words, I might share the same genes as you, but it’s your bright personality and sense of humor that brings our hearts together.

It’s not always easy to open up to others, but I think that a sincere expression of your feelings and your gratitude for that person being in your life is the best gift you could possibly give.

So I challenge each of you to let the people in your life that you care, and why you care for them. You might be more comfortable sharing something like this publicly rather than privately (and vice versa), but you also need to take into consideration how the recipient best manages such type of communication.

I’ll start us off right now with an example for my husband, since our Wedding Anniversary is tomorrow (October 18) and I know he won’t mind that I wrote it.

Dear Ken,

I love that you are fair, honest and just. You speak up for those who cannot, help settle conflict, and give of your time, energy, resources and heart even if it means personal sacrifice. You keep me safe, you keep me laughing, and you keep me going. You entertain my silliness and share my love of our little furbabies. Thank you for being my best friend, husband, confidant, supporter, and partner in this adventure called life.

So now that I’ve got the ball rolling, I would love to hear about your attempts to share your heart, so make sure to use the comment form below!


What are your thoughts?

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