A Spring in My Step

Ahhh…Spring. It’s here, no matter what the Groundhog had to say (or see!).

Even though we’re still dealing with snow storms – the meteorologists predicted another one next week – Spring is officially here! There’s so much to look forward to during Spring, which leads us right into the summer!

I was so lucky to actually get a shot of this plump little robin!

This plump little guy visits the bird feeder outside our living room window every day. I bought some awesome Songbird feed and hope to see some more of his brightly-hued relatives!

The kitties enjoying fresh Spring air.

The kitties enjoying fresh Spring air.

The kitties love sitting in the windows, watching the critters dining in our yard. It’s the best live entertainment you can get for a cat!

Gorgeous tree, big pollenator!

Gorgeous tree; big pollinator! This is from 2012.

Another highlight of Springtime is watching our little tree bloom. We almost lost it during the October 2011 blizzard, so it’s a real joy to watch the buds blossom into their delicate pink flowers.

So pretty!

So pretty! 2012.

We also put in a couple of flower beds, of which I am proud to say that I prune and weed! I find that weeding is a very therapeutic activity to help release nervous pent-up energy from my OCD. We get a lot of single blades of grass popping up among the crushed stone around the perimeter of the pool. It’s the best stress reliever!

Daisies - my favorite flower!

Dwarf Sunflower in a pot. I hope to try the tall Sunflowers this year.

Dwarf Sunflower in a pot. I hope to try the tall Sunflowers this year. 2012.

I try growing flowers each summer – usually daisies, and last year, I grew some dwarf potted sunflowers. I hope to try growing the taller sunflowers this year. It’s easier to grow flowers in pots, so it’s less maintenance. I’m also quite allergic to bee stings (moderately severe skin reaction), so I don’t want too many juicy, nectar-bearing plants nearby!

Now, I didn’t always like the warmer temperatures.

  • I sweat very easily and tend to lose too much salt from my body due to my CF, causing issues from general discomfort to dehydration, kidney damage, and heat stroke. Because of this, I need to have Central Air Conditioning in the house.
  • I am allergic to tree pollen (Spring), grass pollen (Summer) and mold (Fall). A combination of allergy medication and taking advantage of the central AC during peak pollen times.
  • Antibiotics tend to make my skin very sensitive to the sun, so I have to wear SPF Infinity.

For these reasons, I often dreaded Spring and Summer. I often got depressed and wished for rainy days because of these and other CF-related issues. Since we built a pool two years ago, however, my world has expanded!I want the temperatures to go up, because that means my pool water is warming up! I find anything under 78 degrees too chilly to swim in, so I look forward to the sun getting stronger and the nights staying warmer. It took a bit of convincing Ken that building a pool was a good idea, but he really started to enjoy being in the yard, drinking a cold drink and floating on a raft or relaxing on a lawn chair in the warm breezes.

Only another 8 weeks or so before we open the pool!

Only another 8 weeks or so before we open the pool!

There are so many benefits to having the pool:

  • I am able to go outside without worrying I’m going to sweat out all of my electrolytes and end up with heat exhaustion.
  • I’ll get much-needed Vitamin D.
  • I’ll get much-needed exercise. Swimming is great for the lungs and the joints (I have a bum knee). I downloaded instructions for aquatic exercises from of the U.S. Army website and do them every time I’m in the pool.
  • I love the water (though I really suck at “real” swimming).
  • It’s something for the kids in our lives (nieces, nephews, my friends’ kids who might as well be nieces and nephews) something to do when they come over because my house doesn’t have a lot of “cool” stuff that kids like.
  • It’s fun and relaxing!

Now that the Sun has crossed the celestial equator, we’re officially on our way to April Showers, May Flowers, and a summer full of a million little moments, which always go by way too soon. As Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Preach it, Ferris, Preach it!


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