Operation Smile!

It’s been a tough week. Dealing with doctors, tracking down lost prescriptions, 3-hour medical visits that should have lasted 10 minutes, and feeling a bit under the weather. I try my best to keep smiling, not to paint a facade on my face, but because I know how healing a real smile can feel.

I’ve decided to share some of the the things that have made me laugh or smile recently. Whenever I am feeling poorly, whether it’s the blues or some physical malady, I search for things that transport me from whatever I am feeling to a place of happiness. Here is a list of five things that made me smile this week. (In case you were wondering, “Harlem Shake” in its many, many forms did not make this list. There is a limit as to how many times I can hear the words…wait, what the hell are they saying in the beginning???)

Toni’s Top Five Smile Makers:

5. Simon’s Cat. Artist Simon Tofield treats us to an animated video every few weeks, bringing to life the paunchy pussycat “Simon’s Cat” in his purrrsuit for food, fun, and food. The latest episode features the Cat doing what he does best – waiting for food.

Screen capture of "Feed Me" by Simon Tofield.

Screen capture of “Feed Me” by Simon Tofield.

4. Babies and animals. What’s cuter than that? I don’t always like “baby” humor, but this video has the right blend of cuteness, humor, and “aw” factor; it even made my hubby laugh! It was so cute that I had to watch this over and over. Now the song is stuck in my head!!

Baby. Dog. Best friends!

Baby. Dog. Best friends!

3. Ah, boxing kangaroos. Something that you see in old cartoons or jokes in movies about boxers. Here we have a real, live, boxing (pet) kangaroo, acting as a sparring partner. It is legal to have kangaroos as pets in certain states in Australia. This video made me giggle because the guy – obviously a boxer in training, look at the heavy bag in the other corner of the yard – is being gentle with the kangaroo when they “bump fists.”

Let's have a clean fight, boys. Touch gloves. Annnnd...go!

Let’s have a clean fight, boys. Touch gloves. Annnnd…go!

2. Surprised Kitty has been around for a few years – 68 million views and counting. Squeee!!!! No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it never fails to make me smile. Look at her little paws!!! So pink and new!!!

Way. Too. Cute.

Way. Too. Cute.

1. Drum roll, please!! Okay, this video is also a few years old, but every time I watch it, it gives me chills. Perhaps it’s because I know the music so well, perhaps it’s because the music is from my favorite musical, or perhaps it’s just the shivers I get whenever being really entertained. Flash mobs will do that to you – hundreds of people, moving in unison, just for the sheer joy of doing something fun together. While this video was actually produced as a television commercial, the experience is no less magical. Enjoy!

If you like Flash Mobs, you'll love this one!

If you like Flash Mobs, you’ll love this one!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed some of the things that have made my week a little bit easier. What do you watch that brings a smile to your face and warms your heart? Share below!

Please note that I do not own any of these videos; all copyrights belong to their respective owners. I have tried to link from the original owner’s page when I could find it. If I have erroneously attributed ownership, please contact me and I will provide the correct link.


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