Another Use for Lysol

I’m trying to live on the positive side of life lately.

In the past year, I’ve made a lot of changes in my life regarding my health. I have added several treatments to my daily regimen. I started using the SmartVest for respiratory therapy in April, which now plays a huge role in my airway clearance, changed one of my treatment devices (I now use the Acapella instead of the Flutter) and do a lot of saline sinus rinses to help keep them clear of bacteria-trapping mucous.

Over the past few years, I’ve been on IV antibiotics every six months or so. People with CF get sick so often because we acquire bacterial strains (many which are resistant to multiple antibiotics) that set up shop in our lungs.

By adulthood, most CF patients culture at least one strain of the bacteria Pseudomonas Aeriginosa – 80% of patients 18 and older (I culture three different strains, in addition to MRSA and regular Staph Aureus). PA is the leading contributor of death in 90% of CF patients.

This happens because the bacteria is EVERYWHERE in the environment.

The soil. Water. Plants. Things that you really cannot avoid. I just read that PA is “the most abundant organism on earth”. It’s also really smart – the bacteria eventually learns to block antibiotics and even chemotherapy agents by creating super impenetrable walls. So I’m always looking for something to boost my immune system, clear my airways and get rid of these crazy bugs.


I was changing the bed the other day, and started to read the back of a Lysol bottle. It said that it’s 99.9% effective at killing Pseudomonas Aeriginosa. The oral, IV and inhaled antibiotics we take really only suppress the PA (and other bugs) until they start over growing again, so why can’t they make antibiotics out of the properties in Lysol?

I’m only half-joking, here. So, researchers, you’ve got a mission, here.


What are your thoughts?

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