Sometimes, ’tis Better Not to Give, Thankyouverymuch!

Today was the first time I had visited the hair salon in three months. I usually go every 6-10 weeks to have my roots colored, and a few times a year, add a few highlights or get a trim. I was really looking forward to erasing the crop of gray that seemed to spread every morning, especially those short, coarse gray hairs that stand up on their own, announcing that I’m really not as young as I look. 😉

My hairstylist is amazing – she’s also one of the owners. She is so giving.

She helps me make appointments to accommodate my oft-changing daily health. She always tosses in some sort of extra – a few more highlights, styling with the flat or curling iron or free samples. She is a great listener, and even if I ask to get the same exact thing done as last time, we discuss it to make sure that we both know what that means. She is dedicated to keeping my thin, fine hair as healthy and shiny as possible. And, like many hair stylists, she remembers the important pieces of my life. She recognizes when I’m more tired and don’t feel up to chatting, and noticed that today I was coughing a bit less than the last time.

I love the feeling of my hair after just getting it done. So silky smooth!

I love the feeling of my hair after just getting it done. So silky smooth!

As I sat there, waiting for my color to take, reading a magazine that I brought from home, I overheard one of the employees talking about “how sick” she had been feeling “for days and days” and laughing that she “still came in” because if she saw a doctor, “he’d just give me something to take and tell me to stay home.”

Yep, lady, a good doctor WILL tell you to stay home, not just to help you recover better and more comfortably, but also to avoid spreading your germs to others. Especially others with compromised immune systems.

They may not be stylish, but it's worth the possible protection from additional infections!

They may not be stylish, but it’s worth the possible protection from additional infections!

I wear a mask when I go out during vulnerable times and/or during flu season. Hubby brought home some hospital-grade surgical face masks, which prevent up to 99.99% of all particles tested – allergens, irritants, viruses and bacteria. Each one is actually individually wrapped. They aren’t pretty, but they do the job. I often get stares, but I would rather wear one than take more risks on catching some ratty virus.

Unfortunately, however, I couldn’t wear it with my hair covered in hair dye, or during my hair wash, trim or blow dry. I made sure that I touched absolutely nothing unless necessary, and didn’t touch my face until after I could wash my hands.

It is just so aggravating when people choose to spread their germs rather than seeing a medical professional who, at the very least, might be able to tell you what you have.

I know that not everyone has (enough or any) “sick days” or (enough or any) health insurance, someone to take care of your kids and/or other responsibilities, but if you do, please, please, do what you can to keep your germs from others. Wear a mask yourself. If you have to cough, please cough into your sleeve. Use anti-bacterial soap whenever you cough/sneeze/touch your face.

Remember, not all “giving” is appreciated. This is one “extra” that I could really do without!


What are your thoughts?

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