Everyone deserves a Furry Paw to Hold On To!

Cats spend more than two-thirds of their days asleep. I look at my furbabies and I believe it. Whether they’re snoozing on their backs with their paws in the air, laid out on the floor in a ray of sunshine, or curled up into a ball and covering their faces, nothing is as SQUEE!! CUTE!!! as a sleeping kitty.

Heat Miser!

Heat Miser!

Milo knows all the cool warm kitty spots. Both cats hang out in hubby’s office in the back of the house, and whenever the heat comes on, Milo is likely to hog all of the heat by laying on the vents.

Cuddling up next to the fireplace

Cuddling up next to the fireplace

The fireplace is a favorite place to nap, even if you’ve outgrown your kitty bed. Molly has learned to come get us and lead us to the fireplace when she wants it on. Back when we were building our house, my hubby insisted on a gas fireplace because our cat at the time, Mackenzie, loved to lay in front of the one in our previous home. He was right that a fireplace is an important part of a cat’s home!

Sharing the treehouse!

Sharing the treehouse!

They have so many places to relax in the house. Here they are in a moment of solidarity on the cat tree house.  Milo and Molly each take up one of the floors. This thing is usually the place of domination games, but for a moment, they’ve learned to share!

We are really lucky that our cats are so affectionate and really enjoy hanging out with us. I believe that part of it is training – from day one, we held the cats, petted them, made them feel safe, touched their paws a lot (that helps down the road when you need to clip their nails!!), and now they love to sit on our laps, cuddle up against us on the couch or in bed, or asking for attention by meowing and tugging on your pant leg. Yep, my cats are much like dogs!

Look at that gorgeous smile!

Look at that gorgeous smile!

As you can tell, blankets are a huge deal here. My mother bought us this huge blanket that we keep in the living room for cuddling, and Milo has declared it his own. He just looks so gorgeous with the blue background! My handsome boy!!

You will recognize this photo from the home page.

You will recognize this photo from the home page.

Yes, there’s a lot of pink. It’s our “girly” room.. Pink carpet, purple couch, I’m in pink, and Molly seems to like it! It does appear on the homepage, but it captured a moment that was such a milestone in Molly’s socialization here when we first adopted her. She was so shy! We kept her in the spare room for almost a week so that she could acclimate to us, and one afternoon, she climbed on top of me to snooze. In the past several years, our cats have chosen us as their furniture at various times. I feel rather honored to be chosen as a place to Nap!

BFFS? Boy/girlfriend?

BFFs? Boy/girlfriend?

Although we never expected them to ever be this close, because they often fought, especially in the beginning, these two are now best friends. Or boyfriend/girlfriend. They’re not litter-mates, but it has surprised us how much they love each other. They spend hours a day cuddling together, grooming one another, and hugging each other. We must have hundreds of “nap” photos because they are just so dang sweet!!

Important Part of Our Lives

Our relationship with these wonderful felines began years ago, with Mackenzie, who is now our angel. He was always by my side, and more-so once I had to stop working due to my health. Every evening, whether I was sick or not, when it was time to go to bed, I would just have to call, “bedtime”, and he’d come running into the bedroom and jump onto the bed. If I stayed up longer than usual, he’d meow at me and have me follow him up the stairs!!

He claimed a spot on this fluffy pink blanket – a home-made gift from a dear friend – on the bed next to mama. I was very sick for a period of time and he held vigil night and day (you can see my arm behind him).

Our Angel Kitty, Mackenzie, my faithful little guy! AKA "bedtime kitty".

Our Angel Kitty, Mackenzie, my faithful little guy! AKA “bedtime kitty”.

I used to play with his paw when he was sleeping next to me, so much to the point that when he went to sleep, he’d place his paw in my hand. When he passed away four years ago, the vets took a clay impression of his paw – the paw that I’d held for hours and hours. The paw that would sometimes caress my face. The paw that would always reach out if you came into the room and he was sleeping. It brings me so my joy to feel that imprint – the paw of our first “furbaby”, the one who made us a family.

God, I miss Mackenzie so much. I believe that after this life, we will be reunited with our pets. We spent twelve years with this very special little cat, and there is nothing that can convince me that they don’t have souls.

Milo hanging with his Daddy

Milo hanging with his Daddy

It simply amazes me that animals who are often thought of as loners, selfish, moody and mean are able to show love, compassion, gratitude, empathy, comfort….the list goes on. If we’re not feeling well, they stand guard (well, cuddle with you) to make sure that you’re getting your rest. If one of us is upset or angry, they’ll start tugging on our pants and meow, or start doing something silly to entertain us. When we’re happy and animated, they come out of wherever they’ve been, jumping up and insisting on being right by our sides or sitting on us, because they enjoy being in a place of good energy.

They keep us company while I am doing laundry, or when Ken’s on the treadmill downstairs, or when I have to do my Therapy Vest (Milo insists on sitting on my lap on the hose and Molly likes to lay next to the compressor).

We are a family because of our kitties – I put their photos on our Christmas Cards and people LOVED it. I received so many personal responses from friends and family who loved the card. I now will have to outdo myself next year! It may sound silly, but on hard days, the kitties make me feel needed, which is not something I feel too much in my life.

Do you have pets that would like to talk about? I would love to hear from you! Please use the comment form below!


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