With a Flip of the Calendar…

Today is New Year’s Day. A day that carries a lot of expectations. Although acknowledging the New Year takes a simple flip of the calendar page, it shoulders the responsibility of literally starting over and carrying proclaimed commitments and resolutions.

Whether or not people follow through with their new plans doesn’t matter. The New Year allows us to take stock of our personal inventory – our relationships, jobs, goals and dreams. I remember the time before computers and hand-held calendar devices. I loved the feeling of opening a new daily planner, marking special dates such as birthdays and holidays, various to-do lists, etc.

During the 1990s, I remember using the Franklin Covey system to manage everything in my life. I took it everywhere I went. I still refer to it for various addresses that I had saved from planning our wedding. Even though I now use the computer and my phone for all of my calendar needs, nothing feels as good as writing out a “to-do” list. The New Year and new experiences always brought more opportunities for me to make lists.

A Sobering Day

While for many it is a day for recovering from celebrations of the night before, for others, New Year’s Day a recovery from the entire year before. As with the past four or five years, we didn’t go out last night. I think that if we had received some invitations we might have been able to get an hour or two out of me, but we didn’t, and it’s a lot of work hosting, so my husband and I had a quiet night watching movies.

It’s seems befitting – starting the New Year with a good night of sleep whereas in the past, we’d be out until the wee hours of the morning and sack out until noon. There is a lot to ponder, and a clogged mind might not be the best reservoir for holding those memories and lessons.

The year 2012 brought us a lot of fear and uncertainty.  We stumbled through two hospitalizations due to CF-related pneumonia – one that not only cost us three weeks of time, but gave us a not-so-pretty glimpse into the future of my disease. Friends and family had their share of burdens and challenges, illnesses, and deaths. There were two mass-killings in our country, and scores more internationally. Weather-related disasters are a common occurrence. The economy is on the brink of failing, people are out of work, there is still hunger and starvation.

Looking Forward

I am a firm believer that like attracts like, and the power of positive thinking, but it’s only human to sometimes buckle under some of the burdens we’re destined to carry. It often seems like for every two steps we took forward, we are dragged one back.

If only life were as simple as flipping the calendar page…

It sounds trite, but it can be.

It’s so important to remember and celebrate the mountains we climbed and the battles we’ve won. Moving forward doesn’t mean forgetting the bad times – it means learning lessons, drawing boundaries, and preparing yourself for whatever is to come. There are no guarantees, but if you keep your mind and your heart open to goodness and hope, you just might be able to tip the scales in a positive direction and welcome what 2013 will bring to you.

Happy New Year to all!


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